Support Groups

Recovery from addiction is a challenging process and the more support you can get, the better. Although often overlooked, group therapy is an essential component of long-lasting, sustainable change. Not only can one learn from others’ successes and setbacks, having a group process also allows us to work through shame in ways not possible through individual therapy alone.

Shame is the #1 cause of setbacks and relapse. Learn to have a different relationship with shame while adding tools and strategies to your addiction recovery plan. Join our weekly Harm Reduction Group!

This group is for adults who want to have a different relationship with drugs and alcohol and who want to do this work in a nonjudgmental environment using evidence-based treatment. Moderation management, responsible drug use skills, and self-compassion are among the skills taught.

The curriculum is based on Power Over Addiction: A Harm Reduction Workbook for Changing Your Relationship with Drugs and is required for participation in the group.

The group is facilitated by Dr. Jennifer Fernández and meets weekly on Thursdays from 5:30-7pm at our offices in the Sunset District of San Francisco. Cost of the group is $200 intake, $75 each group, and $35 for the workbook.

Please contact us below or at to schedule an intake before joining the group.

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